Our menus

No Cover Charge for bread, butter, fishpaté, olives, etc.


1    Shrimps, boiled (250g)     

2    Prawns from the Algarve, boiled (250 g)   

3    Clams in garlic (300 g)     

5    Bean clams in garlic     

6    Razerclams "al guillo" (500 g)      

7    Fried Prawns in garlic (250 g)     

8    Oysters (per dozen)     

9    King-size dressed Crab     


10    Seabass    

11    Royal Bream     

12    Sole     

14    Tuna steak in onions or grilled    

15    Salmon in buttersauce grilled     

16    Sardines, Horse Mackerel or Mackerel grilled (6-8)   

Chef's Suggestions

17    Mussles and chips  

18    Octopus in the oven with baby potatoes    

19    Cod in the oven with onions and baby potatoes    

20    Mixed shellfish      

21    Mixed "aux Prazeres" (fish and meat)    

22    Flaked Cod in egg and prawns   

23    Prawns, fried with rice and salad      

24    Shellfish in kidneybeans     

25    Calamares with tomato-rice   

26    Sole from the oven     

27    Monkfish braised on a tile    

28    "Xarém", Corn flour soup with Shellfish     

29    Bread soup with Shellfish (traditional)     

30    Rice curry with Prawns   

31    Spaghetti with Shrimps "à la maison"  

32    H.M. Seafood platter from "Ria Formosa"  


New - Pork cubes fried with Clams    

New - Lamb chops with mint sauce     

New - Black Angus steak on a stone grill (1 Lb)  

33    Sirloin steak in beersauce  

34    Veal steak grilled with Prawns     

35    Black Wild Boar with Prawns      

36    Brazilian steak (Picanha/Angus) with Prawns   

Grilled on a skewer (served with Tiger Prawns)

37    Sirloin steak     

38    Black Wild Boar steak      

39    Monkfish with bacon and chorizo      

40    Surf and Turf     

Rice Dishes (steamed in a claypot)

New - Lobster (2 persons)     

41    Shellfish      

42    Monkfish with Prawns     

43    Razorclams     

44    Cod     

45    Octopus     

Pasta Dishes

46    Macaroni with Dogfish     

47    Macaroni with Monkfish and  Prawns     

48    Macaroni with and Clams and Prawns      

49    Spaghetti with Seafruits from "Ria Formosa

Cataplanas for 2, with shellfish, of (steamed dishes)

50    Shellfish only     

51    Monkfish      

52    Cod      

53    Octopus     


Kid's Menu (with french fries)

54    Turkey fillets with fried egg  

55    Veal fillets with fried egg  

56    Pork fillets with fried egg   

57    Chickencakes  

58    Fish nuggets   

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